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Welcome to vikingrivercruises.com, the website and online service of Viking River Cruises, Inc. dba Viking Cruises (“Viking”, “Company,” “we,” or “us”). This page explains the Terms of Use for our online and/or mobile services and web site (collectively the “Online Services”), including other online sites related to Viking River Cruises, (collectively, including the Online Services, the “Services”). We look forward to having you enjoy your trip and wish to provide you with the details of the terms and conditions for your travel with us.

Information contained in Viking brochures, websites or advertising materials (“Viking Advertising”) is not an offer or a contract. The transportation of guests and baggage on all cruise vessels and other transportation and arrangements specifically provided by the cruise operator (and not by independent contractors) is provided solely by the cruise operator (“Carrier”) and is governed by the Terms and Conditions printed on the Passenger Ticket Contract. For complete information on Terms and Conditions for your cruise and related travel, itinerary, liability of Viking, liability limits and all sections mentioned below, refer to the Passenger Ticket Contract. A copy of each Passenger Ticket Contract named above is available from your travel agent or online at vikingcruises.com.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, checks and Electronic Funds Transfer are all acceptable forms of payments. Some credit card companies may impose a “Foreign Transaction Fee” even though your transaction is denominated in U.S. dollars. This is an arbitrary fee that occurs in a small number of cases and accrues entirely to the credit card–issuing bank. Viking does not control these bank-imposed fees nor does Viking derive any benefit from them, monetary or otherwise; we are therefore unable to accept responsibility for the fees.

For any cruise/land booking, whether under deposit, partially paid, or paid in full and air-inclusive packages paid in full, the following travel agent or guest-requested situations are considered cancellations and penalties will apply as noted below: changes to departure date; substitutions of itinerary; substitution of another person for original booked guest(s); or changing to a promotional fare. All cancellations must be in writing. For all air-inclusive packages cancelled after issuance of an airline ticket, the air portion of the refund, if any, will be processed only after the return of airline ticket to Viking. The following cancellation charges will be assessed for all written cancellations received prior to departure up to the scheduled time of departure.

Cancellation received | Following charges will apply: (Broken out by days before departure) 121 days or more is $100 per person | 120-90 days is 15% of full fare | 89-60 days is 35% of full fare | 59-30 days is 50% of full fare | 29-0 days is 100% of full fare. 
Full Fare is defined as the full cost of any cruise, land or air component purchased from Viking.

Once a cruise/land booking has a deposit or air is paid in full, all changes are subject to a $30 charge per change. See prior section under Cancellation Policy for additional details on situations which are classified as cancellations rather than changes.

Full travel documents will be issued approximately 3 weeks prior to departure. All early document requests will be charged a $25 early processing fee.

Roundtrip airport-to-ship transfers are only included when air is purchased with a tour package. Transfers are only valid on tour departure and arrival dates. If you should choose to make your own air arrangements, transfers may be purchased through Viking for an additional cost or you may make your own transfer arrangements.

All guests must have passports valid for six months following disembarkation and any necessary visas or affidavits when boarding. Guests are advised to check with their travel agent or their Consulate Service to determine which documents they must obtain. If incorrect documents are obtained, guests will be unable to participate in particular shore excursions and may be denied boarding and/or entry into certain countries. Entry into another country may be refused even if the required information and travel documents are complete. Visa kits from an independent third party are provided upon request as a service to guests selecting destinations in Russia, China, Egypt, Jordan or Southeast Asia. Note: Due to airline security measures, your passport name must match your airline ticket name or you may be denied boarding. Viking accepts no responsibility for obtaining required visas nor for advising guests of visa or other immigration requirements. Guests are advised that the living standards and practices at their destination, including those with respect to the provision of utilities, services and accommodation, may differ from those found in the U.S. or Canada.

Due to the nature of our cruise and travel itineraries, the Carrier does not maintain facilities or services for children aboard cruise vessels or otherwise during the trip. On all cruises and cruise journeys, minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied and share a cabin with a parent, legal guardian or other responsible adult over the age of 21. We reserve the right to limit the number of minors under the age of 18 years on board and on land excursions booked through us.

You must report any disability requiring special attention while on your Viking itinerary to Viking at the time the reservation is made. All vessels and motorcoaches are equipped to European standards. Most transportation services, including the vessels and motorcoaches, are not equipped with elevators or wheelchair ramps. The Carrier will make reasonable attempts to accommodate the special needs of disabled travelers, but neither we nor the Carrier are responsible in the event it is unable to do so nor are we or the Carrier responsible for any denial of services by vessel operators, air carriers, hotels, restaurants or other independent suppliers. We regret that the Carrier cannot provide individual assistance to a passenger for walking, dining, getting on and off vessels, motorcoaches and other vehicles, or other personal needs. A qualified and physically able companion must accompany passengers who need such assistance and must assume full responsibility for their well being. The passenger assumes the full risk of use and of any prohibitions imposed by vendors. Motorized scooters are not typically suitable on international cruises and cannot be accommodated. The Carrier reserves the right not to accept passengers who are in an advanced state of pregnancy either upon commencement of or at any time during the trip.

You are required to obtain any required inoculations and to provide for your own specialized health or mental care if required during your cruise and all such arrangements are your responsibility. A certificate of fitness is required of all passengers with significant health issues. Please see the Passenger Ticket Contract for more detailed information.

It is customary to give cruise gratuities, subject to your satisfaction of services rendered. Gratuities on board and on land are not included in your full fare.

The river cruise ships and/or river cruises in this location include but are not limited to those operated by Viking River Cruises Ltd., Viking River Tours Ltd., Viking Croisières S.A., Duoro Azul S.A. or Viking River Cruises AG. The oceangoing vessels described herein are operated by Viking Ocean Cruises LTD.

The ships and/or cruises in this location include but are not limited to those operated by one or more of the following: Chongqing New Century Cruise Co. Ltd., Viking River Cruises AG, Viking River Tours Ltd., Viking River Tours (China) Ltd. and China International Travel Service Beijing Co., Ltd.

The ships and/or cruises in these locations include but are not limited to those operated by one or more of the following: Pandaw Cruises Management Pte Ltd., Viking Tours Ltd.

The ships and/or cruises described in this location include but are not limited to those operated by one or more of the following: Grand Plaza Cruises Co., Travcotels Co., Viking River Tours Ltd.

Viking River Cruises, Inc. dba Viking Cruises acts solely as a Sales Agent for the above-mentioned Carriers for the vessels described in Viking Advertising. Viking neither owns nor operates any of the vessels described herein and thus assumes no responsibility or liability for acts or omissions of the Carriers or vessel owners in regard to the cruises described herein.

Viking is not the Carrier or owner and accepts no liability or responsibility, whether occasioned by railroad, motorcoach, private car, boat, aircraft or any other conveyance, reason, or defect, for any injury, damages, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason or defect, through the acts or defaults of any company or person, or in carrying out the arrangements of the tour, as a result of any cause beyond the control of Viking. Guests specifically release Viking from any and all claims for loss or damage to baggage or property or for personal injuries or death, or from all claims and any loss or delay, arising out of the acts, omissions or negligence of Viking or any Carrier or independent contractors, such as vessel operators, air carriers, hotels, shore excursion operators, restaurateurs, transportation providers, spa professionals, medical personnel or other providers of services or facilities, unless prohibited by law. All arrangements made for tour participants with independent contractors, including medical and spa services, are made solely for convenience to participants and are done at the participant’s own risk. Medical and spa personnel are independent contractors. Viking and all Carriers specifically disclaim all liability for damages for emotional distress, mental suffering or psychological injury of any kind, except to the extent prohibited by the applicable law, including without limitation, 46 U.S.C. Chapter 305. Tickets, vouchers, and any other travel documents are subject to all terms and conditions of the respective suppliers and Carriers (some of which may limit supplier’s and Carrier’s liability). Under no circumstances shall Viking be construed as a carrier under a contract for safe carriage of the guest or his or her belongings. Viking and the Carriers and owners of the vessels identified herein shall be entitled to any and all liability limitations, immunities and rights applicable to them or any of them under the Strasbourg Convention on the Limitation of Liability of Owners of Inland Navigation Vessels (CLNI), with protocols and amendments, together with the further provisions of the International Convention of Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims, 1976, with revisions and amendments (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Convention”), if and as applicable, and by those other and further limitations of liability set forth in the statutory and general maritime law of the United States, (including Title 46 U.S. Code Section 181-186, 188), as well as any other applicable nation’s laws limiting liability. Viking and the Carrier and owners of the vessels identified herein shall be entitled to claim the benefit of whichever law, regulation, treaty or doctrine provides the greatest legal protections to Viking and the Carriers and owners of the vessels identified herein.

Viking shall not be required to refund any amount paid by any tour participant who must leave the tour prematurely for any reason, nor shall Viking or the Carriers or the owners of the vessels identified herein be responsible for the lodging, meals, return transportation or other expenses incurred by such tour participant.

Viking reserves the right to withdraw and/or cancel a tour or to make changes in the itinerary and hotel accommodations whenever, in its sole judgment, or in the judgment of the vessel Carrier or owner, conditions warrant it. In the event of charters of the vessels, truces, lockouts, riots or stoppage of labor from whatever cause or for any other reason whatsoever, the Carrier or Owner of the vessels identified herein may, at any time, cancel, advance or postpone any scheduled tour and may, but is not obliged to, substitute another vessel or itinerary and shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever to guests by reason of any such cancellation, advancement or postponement except as specifically set forth in the Passenger Ticket Contract.

Neither Viking nor the Carrier or owners of the vessels identified herein shall be liable for delay or inability to perform any condition herein or any part thereof caused by or arising out of strikes, lockout or labor difficulties or shortages whether or not the Carrier is party thereto, or explosion, fire, collision, standing or foundering of the vessel or breakdown or failure of or damage to the vessel or its hull or machinery or fittings howsoever and wheresoever any or the same may arise or be caused, or civil commotion, riot, insurrection, war, government restraint, requisitioning of the vessel, political disturbance, acts or threats of terrorism, inability to secure or failure of supplies including fuel, acts of God, or other circumstances beyond their control.

Viking will not be liable to pay nor be entitled to receive any general average contribution with respect to property taken with you aboard the river cruise vessel or any oceangoing vessel.

Viking reserves the right to choose the air carrier, routing and city airport from each gateway city for passengers booking air through Viking. Viking may utilize contracted block space as outlined by each specific carrier, therefore all flights and routings may not be available. Flight schedules/seat assignments may be changed or cancelled without prior notice at any time. Viking will attempt to accommodate guests traveling together, however this cannot be guaranteed. Flight schedules will be released 75 days prior to departure. Contact your airline directly to confirm seat assignments, baggage charges, request special meals and reconfirm your flights, check-in procedures and carry-on limitations. Any changes (including name changes) made to booking or issued airline ticket will incur a $50 per ticket change fee, plus any charge fee incurred by the subject air carrier. Any additional costs including costs for optional services purchased or penalties for cancellations/rebookings will be made at the guest’s expense. All airline tickets issued by Viking are refundable only to Viking, therefore, all tickets should be returned to: Viking: Attention Air Refunds, 5700 Canoga Avenue, Suite 200, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. Viking will determine the amount of any refund due. If the air ticket is lost, the guest is responsible for the cost of its replacement. Viking has no responsibility for any change in travel plans caused by airline delays or for any act, omission or event.

All travel agents and agents of any other nature with the exception of Viking are solely your agents and not those of Viking or the Carriers or the owners of the vessels for purposes of the Passenger Ticket Contract and all other documents concerning the river or ocean cruise and any related arrangements made by the travel agent for any other or related travel, lodging, excursions, tours or facilities of any nature. Neither Viking nor the Carrier or owner of the river or ocean cruise vessel shall be responsible for any representation or conduct of your travel agent, including but not limited to any incorrect booking by such travel agent or failure to remit your deposit or other funds to Viking as sales agent for the particular Carrier for which you shall at all times remain liable.

Please click here for Viking Cruises’ Advertising and Commission Policy.

The Extension packages as listed herein and in Viking Advertising have been developed in association with various international hotels. Situations may arise, voluntarily or involuntarily, that necessitate changes. Viking reserves the right to substitute hotels as it is deemed necessary and to provide comparable alternatives.

Our Travel Protection Plan, as well as trip cancellation, and out-of-province health insurance are not included in the listed fares. It is offered for purchase through a third-party vendor. See the Planning Your Trip section of our website for details.

Itineraries are subject to change and may need to be altered or cancelled specifically because of water levels or wind or other factors. Prices shown in this brochure and on the website are subject to change with or without notice. Adjustments for currency and/or fuel fluctuations may apply, see the Passenger Ticket Contract for more information. Airfares are subject to change if bookings are not paid in full. Optional shore excursions/ tours/concerts, excess baggage charges, drinks, beverages and meals not included in the package are additional costs to the guest. Viking is not responsible for omissions, printing and/or presentation errors and reserves the right to make corrections as required. Check http://www.vikingcruises.com for the most up-to-date prices, terms and conditions. In the event amendments or modifications of any nature are required, they may be added by the Carrier, by written notification to the passenger signed by a director of the Carrier for the vessel.

Viking is registered in California as a seller of travel. Viking’s seller of travel registration number is 2052644-40. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California. Viking is a participant in the Travel Consumer Restitution Fund, which provides restitution in certain circumstances to guests who are residents of California.

Viking is an Active Member of United States Tour Operator’s Association (“USTOA”) and participates in the USTOA’s Travelers Assistance Program. You may make a claim to this program if you are owed a refund. The Plan covers losses for transportation or travel services that were not refunded when required. A guest may make a claim against the Plan within 90 days after a Viking bankruptcy, insolvency or cessation of business or failure to fund on account of cancellation or non-performance. USTOA’s total liability for all consumer claims from customers of Viking is limited to $1,000,000. In some cases $1,000,000 may not be sufficient to cover all losses. Complete details of the USTOA Travelers Assistance Program and claim forms may be obtained by writing to USTOA at 275 Madison Avenue, Suite 2014, New York, New York 10016, or by email to information@ustoa.com or by visiting their website at www.USTOA.com.

1. You grant to Viking a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sublicenseable, perpetual, worldwide license to use, store, reproduce, distribute, modify, perform, display and create derivative works from any photo you may submit to Viking, or any portion of your photo, in any manner or media whatsoever, (whether now known or hereafter devised), for the purpose of using your photo on any Viking website, or in any promotional materials distributed by Viking or in connection with Viking’s cruise and travel services. Further, you waive all moral rights you may hold in a photo you may submit to Viking, in favor of Viking and anyone we allow to use the photo. Viking reserves the right not to use your photo for any reason.

2. You also grant to Viking the unlimited right and permission to use, store, reproduce, distribute, modify, perform, display, create derivative works from and otherwise exploit your image, name, picture, likeness, voice and biographical information and any statements made by or concerning you as provided by you to Viking in connection with your submission of your photo (“Your Personal Information”) or any material based thereon or derived therefrom, or to refrain from so doing, in any manner or media whatsoever (whether now known or hereafter devised), anywhere in the world, by any persons or entities deemed appropriate by Viking, for use on any Viking website, or in any promotional materials distributed by Viking, or in connection with Viking’s cruise and travel services.

3. You agree you have the full right and authority to grant the rights granted in this section and agree that these terms do not in any way conflict with any existing commitment on your part. If the photos you submit include images of other travel companions, you agree and represent that you have obtained their permission to submit these photos (or that of their parent/legal guardian if they are a minor in their jurisdiction of residence) and that you have also obtained their agreement to these terms.

4. RELEASE OF LIABILITY — You shall have no right of approval, no claim to compensation and no claim (including, without limitation, claims based upon invasion of privacy, defamation or right of publicity) arising out of any use, alteration, blurring, distortion, faulty reproduction, illusionary effect or use in any composite form of the photo you submit to Viking or Your Personal Information. You hereby release and hold harmless Viking, its affiliates, and any persons or entities acting on behalf of or at the direction of Viking, from any claim for injury, compensation or negligence (including Viking’s own negligence) resulting or arising from any activities authorized by these terms.

Viking also does business under the name Viking Tours, which is a registered trade name in the United States.

Unless otherwise expressly noted, Viking is the copyright owner or licensee of the materials in Viking Advertising (“Materials”), and the Materials are protected by worldwide copyright laws and treaty provisions. You may not reproduce, distribute, display, perform, or prepare derivative works from any of the Materials except with Viking’s prior written permission. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Any unauthorized use of the Materials may violate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws and could result in criminal or civil penalties.

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The trademarks, service marks, trade names and logos (the “Trademarks”) appearing in Viking Advertising are trademarks and registered trademarks of Viking. A partial list of the Trademarks owned by Viking is set out below and may not be exhaustive of all Viking Trademarks. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. If you are unsure whether a trademark, service mark, trade name or logo not on the list is the property of Viking, please contact us at 1-877-668-4546. Viking vigilantly enforces its intellectual property rights and will actively seek the recovery of any costs and/or damages it may incur in stopping the misuse or misappropriation of its intellectual property.



Licensed and insured late model, coaches, vehicles, watercraft, and other modes of transportation are utilized where available.


Included when indicated in the tour description.


Licensed, English-speaking, local guides accompany all tours, where available.


Tours include all required admission fees, where applicable.


When taking a shore excursion, comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen are suggested. You may consider bringing an umbrella, raincoat, sweater, or jacket. And don't forget your camera!


In order to ensure quality guides and sufficient transportation, we must provide the tour operator with passenger counts in advance of the start of the cruise. Online booking and cancellations will close 7 days before your cruise sets sail. From this 7 day pre-sail period to 3 days from sailing, you can cancel items by calling us – for a full refund. When you are within 3 days of cruise / cruise tour start date, there will be no refunds given.

Please note, whether an optional tour is booked through My Viking Journey or onboard, refunds are only processed onboard and will be applied as credit towards your onboard invoice balance. Should you have a negative credit balance at the end of your voyage, the refund toward your credit card will be processed onboard. Please allow 14 business days for this to reflect on your statement. Tours require minimum participation levels to operate so please sign up as early as possible. Tours operate rain or shine.


  • In order to ensure quality guides and sufficient transportation, we must provide the tour operator with passenger counts at least 2 days in advance. Therefore no refunds will be given within 2 days of the tour.
  • Online booking and cancellations will close 7 days before your cruise sets sail.
  • During this 7 day pre-sail period, you can cancel items by calling us.
  • Once you arrive onboard, you will have the ability to manage your Shore Excursions and Dining options again, with one exception—all Shore Excursions that occur during the first two days of sailing will be non-refundable.
  • Please note, whether an optional tour is booked through My Viking Journey or onboard, refunds are only processed onboard and will be applied as credit towards your onboard invoice balance. Should you have a negative credit balance at the end of your voyage, the refund toward your credit card will be processed onboard. Please allow 14 business days for this to reflect on your statement.
  • Tours require minimum participation levels to operate so please sign up as early as possible.
  • Tours operate rain or shine.


All Viking Cruises shore excursions fares are listed in U.S. Dollar. Prices are per person, and are subject to change and availability. During local or national holidays, access to certain facilities (such as museums or archaeological sites) may be limited or denied. In such instances, adjustments will be made to minimize inconvenience to guests. Shore Excursions have limited availability. Please sign up early to avoid disappointment. Select shore excursions require guests to complete a liability waiver form.


While the greatest care has been taken to offer the finest services available, Viking Cruises will not be held responsible for any act, event or omission during the time that passengers are not onboard the ship or its tenders. All arrangements for certain optional off-board activities, including air transportation, hotel accommodation, ground transfers and shore excursions are made by Viking Cruises for the convenience of our guests with the suppliers of the services. Each guest agrees not to hold Viking Cruises, its owners, employees, agents or representatives liable, the absence of its own negligence, for any loss, injury, expense, or damage which result directly or indirectly from any act or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, of any person or firm which provides any goods or services in connection with any optional travel component other than water transportation or any other option that is available for purchase. 

Arrangements with independent contractors include, but are not limited, to services, products, and transportation provided elsewhere that onboard Viking Cruises vessels in connection with tours whether arrange or organized by tour operators, travel agents, or Viking Cruises. Tours including hotel accommodations and transportation by vessel(s) not owned or operated by Viking Cruises or by air, rail, or land are not under the supervision and control of Viking Cruises.


Tour departure times are subject to change so please reference your actual tour ticket for the correct departure time. Some tours are capacity controlled and may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. While Viking Cruises makes every effort to adhere to the specifics mentioned in each shore excursion description, circumstances may require otherwise. All shore excursion information contained in this shore excursion book is subject to change without notice at Viking Cruises’ discretion. All shore excursion descriptions and fares listed are subject to change without notice. Viking Cruises is not responsible or liable for typographical errors, omissions or misprints.


Viking Cruises is committed to the safety and security of its guests and crew.

Contact information for entities who may assist you are set forth below:

We ask that you please timely report any incident to vessel management. Failure to do so may prevent a thorough collection of information and evidence.



If you have any questions regarding this these Terms, please advise us by contacting by writing at Viking Cruises, 5700 Canoga Avenue, Suite 200, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. You may also call us at 1-877-668-4546, and we will answer them.

©2016, Viking River Cruises, Inc.: all copy, diagrams, visual content and original photography. Select photos are licensed. All rights reserved.